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Efficient Medical Services through Wire Shelves Medical Carts

For use in hospitals and clinics, wire shelves medical carts can load a variety of medical and hospital stuff for delivery from one ward to another, or from one facility to another. The wire shelves medical cart is designed for fast and easy loading and unloading, and for quick transport from one location to another within a hospital.

The wire shelves medical cart consists of three wire shelves and a solid shelf below with solid steel wheels to allow mobility or transport of products or items. A feature of the system is the solid shelf below prevents dust and other contaminants to be lifted off the ground while the unit is in transit. The entire systems consists of 4 posts, 3 wire shelves, 1 solid shelf, 4 donut bumpers, and four 5-inch poly stem casters with 2 brakes. 

On the top wire shelf can be loaded lighter medical material like medicines and medical supplies. On the second wire shelf can be loaded the medical instruments and first aid kits.

On the third wire shelf below can be loaded respiratory aids and transfer boards. And on the fourth solid shelf below could be loaded a hospital curtain track, batteries, bedpans and urinals, cleaning and maintenance supplies, orthopedic aids, trashcans, facility ash trays, scales, and step stools.

Wire shelves medical carts allow mobility and the swift transport of anything placed on the chrome wire shelves. These versatile shelf pieces offers both portability and mobility and present a practical way of storing and displaying items and products such as fruits, foodstuff and other perishables, as well as non-perishables like medical supplies and smaller-sized medical equipment.

Most orders are usually in the popular chrome finish. One can select width sizes from the minimum 18” x 35” x 69” to the maximum 24” x 60” x 69”. Wire shelving transport carts are lightweight, easy to clean and maintain. You can check out the shipping rates for quantity purchases of the wire shelves. 

These space saving and environment-friendly storage units present a practical way of storing items and products such as perishables, as well as non-perishables like watches, wearables, or other hard objects of small size. Sturdy, light and easy to move around, the storage units can either be in stationary mode or mobile mode. 

Save drawer space in the hospital kitchen area by storing less attractive items like flatware, plastic wraps and aluminum foil, the smaller storage items can be used to store food items including salt and pepper shakers. Kitchen items storage is easy in wire shelving transport carts. 

For quantity orders, we can ship the wire shelves medical carts to any destination. You can visit site at http://wire-shelves.com/

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